"Learn to love your shattered pieces and fill them in with gold.” -Kintsugi

Katarina’s transformational journey has come to resemble that of Kintsugi--the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Katarina’s journey began when she felt shattered like a fine clay bowl. It started with her daughter’s multiple suicide attempts, followed be the dissolution of her marriage. Katarina realized she needed to reinvent herself in order to be the mother that her daughter needed. This involved a deep dive into the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Her own healing has come through her discovery and usage of a combination of many modalities, including Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), WildFit Coaching, and Tantra. Now, she finds fulfillment and healing in being of service to her clients as she helps them achieve true lasting happiness and vitality.


Katarina is a skilled Rapid Transformational Therapist specializing in sexuality and weight retention, which frequently relates to childhood trauma or abuse. She is one of the only RTT therapists with a background in Western Medicine, and this gives her a great deal of insight in working with medical issues that are caused by the subconscious mind.

Katarina also coaches the 90 Day WildFit Challenge. This transformational program causes a life-changing shift in her client’s relationship with food, giving them freedom from the toxic foods that once held them captive. Once free from the toxic American diet, her clients experience a complete mind/body transformation.  Not only does their body transform but they gain increased energy, vitality, and mental clarity. As they transition into Living WildFit, thay have utmost confidence that they will never go back to the way they lived before.


Katarina also facilitates The Sacred Art of Flirtation, a meetup group devoted to fostering connection through white and pink Tantra. She provides a safe space for consent, boundary setting, and experiential play in order to encourage nourishing human touch.  This is a Tri-Valley based group and is Co-facilitated with Kellie Townsend and Ron DeVerus. Katarina is able to offer private Tantra sessions or Somatic Healing to clients of all genders and to couples who are interested in deepening their sexual and intimate connection.


Katarina has a degree in Medicine from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She also studied Wisdom of the Body, which is influenced by NVC and the 5 personality patterns. She is also a trained bodyworker with experience in a range of therapeutic modalities, and was trained in Somatic Sexual Healing by Francesca Gentile.


Katarina is a member of Quimera tribe and was ordained as a Priestess of Isis in 2017. She was trained by Anandha Ray in Shamanic Fusion Dance and Intuitive Technique. Katrina teaches dance whenever she has the opportunity and is an enthusiastic member of the Ecstatic Dance community.


Katarina was recently published in the best selling Ignite Your Life compilation series. Her chapter in the 2019 book Ignite Your Life for Women details her journey in healing from her own struggles in life as a mother and a wife, but most importantly, as a woman. She sees herself as a piece of Kintsugi, piecing herself back together with the healing gold of the modalities she now uses to help her clients.