Tantra, Health, and Sexuality Coaching

Katarina discovered the path of Tantra in 2016 when she first started attending Sacred Snuggle events and discovered the Work of Psalm Isadora.  A natural inclination towards this work resonated deep in Katarina’s soul and she was inspired to start offering her own workshops which she called The Sacred Art of Flirtation beginning in February of 2017.  These workshops were based on a conversation which Katarina had experienced in her 20’s which forever crystalized in her mind what flirtations should feel like… Attention without intention.  In other words… “How can I be fully present in this moment, and contribute to this other person feeling delicious and beautiful and radiant, without having an end game or ulterior motive?”  Katarina enjoyed hosting these events so much that she sought out training as a Tantra Facilitator through Sarasa Tantra, and she started her own Meetup Group called The Sacred Art of Flirtation.  It has long been Katarina’s dream to host events, workshops and retreats in exotic locations around the world.  


Since then, Katarina has deepened her study in energy work and has sought out additional training in Somatic healing, Healing Trauma and Plant medicine based work to clear layers or trauma and reactive the inborn energetic system that so many have lost touch with.  Not only is this work profoundly healing, but it also leads to having more confidence, greater embodiment, and a more joyous life which integrates every part of a persons Body, Mind and Spirit.  Katarina enjoys providing private Tantra or Somatic Healing sessions to persons of all genders as well as working with couples to deepen their relationships and take their intimacy to new heights of pleasure and connection.  She offers individual sessions, weekend retreats, and will be developing yearly couples retreats in exotic locations like Hawaii, Bali and Thailand.  The first retreat is planned for the first week of December, 2019.  Please contact her if you are interested in attending.


Because of her work in this area, Katarina has also chosen to specialize her RTT Practice in the area of sexual healing, trauma, erectile dysfunction and fertility because she is uniquely equipped to help people in all of these areas.  Her training as a Priestess of Isis also integrates deep shadow work and an understanding of the Sacred which contributes to her ability to hold space in a deep and profound way.

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